Wave Brushes

For the ultimate wave journey, don't stop at brushes. Dive into the durag experience on our OZ Durag homepage. It's a realm where quality meets style, and every durag tells its own tale.

But if you're looking for the epitome of luxury, our silk durag collection is where dreams come true. Crafted with the finest silky forumla, these durags promise not only style but unmatched comfort and hair protection.


Jump into our Wave Brush Collection and let your hair ride the style wave. With the right brush in hand, those dreamy waves are just strokes away. Dive in, brush on, and let OZ Durag be your wave guru!


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Medium Hard 360 Wave BrushMedium Hard 360 Wave Brush
Medium Hard 360 Wave Brush
Sale price$28.00
Soft Wave BrushSoft Wave Brush
Soft Wave Brush
Sale price$28.00