Welcome to our exclusive collection of durag accessories at OZ Durag, your ultimate destination for everything you need to maintain and enhance your wave game. From high-quality wave brushes designed to sculpt perfect waves, to a variety of durag caps that secure and protect your style, our collection is carefully curated to meet the needs of wave enthusiasts. Each product in our selection complements our premium durags, ensuring your hair remains laid and healthy. Whether you're a seasoned waver or new to the culture, our accessories offer the perfect blend of functionality and style, helping you achieve and maintain the look you desire. Dive into our collection and discover the essential tools to elevate your wave journey.

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Medium Hard 360 Wave BrushMedium Hard 360 Wave Brush
Medium Hard 360 Wave Brush
Sale price$23.95
Soft Wave BrushSoft Wave Brush
Soft Wave Brush
Sale price$23.95